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2021 Annual Gala Distinguished Guests

Hershel Williams - Guest of Honor

Mr. Hershel “Woody” Williams enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and served in the Battle of Iwo Jima with the 21st Marines, 3d Marine Division. He received the Congressional Medal of Honor from President Truman at the White House on October 5, 1945. Mr. Williams is the sole surviving Marine from WWII, to wear the Medal of Honor.

General David H. Petraeus Headshot

General David H. Petraeus (US Army, Ret.) (New York) is a Partner and Chairman of the KKR Global Institute, which he established in May 2013. Prior to joining KKR, General Petraeus served over 37 years in the U.S. military, culminating his career with six consecutive commands. Following retirement from the military, he served as Director of the CIA.

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